DPP did not act in interests of families affected by legacy killings

Mark Thompson

The former Director for Public Prosecutions was heavily criticised in a High Court judgment for failing to prosecute British soldier yesterday.

Speaking this morning CEO of RFJ Mark Thompson said: “The DPP acted more as a defence lawyer for soldier than public prosecution, seeking every conceivable excuse not to act rather than prosecute on the readily available evidence.

Of the reasoning offered by the DPP for failing to act the judgment states this was an “..unreasonable, rationally unsustainable hypothesis …. the delay in issuing the decision (not to prosecute) was manifestly excessive, inexplicable, unjustified, and unlawful”.

This contextualises Barra McGrory’s comments last Friday. Families will not accept impunity and will continue to seek truth and justice.”

The full judgment can be accessed here: Summary of judgment – re DPP and Margaret Brady