Welcome to Relatives for Justice

Relatives for Justice Core Values

  • An active commitment to universal human rights and social justice
  • The promotion of equality and respect for the background, diversity and experience of all those bereaved and injured by the conflict
  • The application and development of the highest standards of professional support programmes for victims and survivors of the conflict
  • The promotion of recognition and remedy for the specific gender harms and experiences of the bereaved and injured of the conflict

Our Services

Relatives for Justice Family Support services provide emotional and practical support for individuals and families
who have been bereaved or injured as a result of the conflict.


Our team of Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme (Injured Pension) advice workers support injured of the conflict in applying to the scheme and in appeals

Complementary Therapies

Our highly qualified complementary health therapists work in clinics operating throughout the North of Ireland delivering therapies which support the effects of stress, trauma and anxiety

Advocacy Casework

The advocacy casework team support individuals and families to find out more about the conflict violations that have affected their lives, document their experience and engage in "legacy" mechanisms of truth, justice and acknowledgement

Counselling and Psychotherapy

RFJ is fully accredited and offers professional counselling and psychotherapy services to the bereaved and injured of the conflict. As part of the Regional Trauma Network this is person centred and entirely confidential support

Health and Wellbeing

Our team of regional Health and Wellbeing Caseworkers support families and individuals with advice and long term support with their health and wellbeing needs.

Social Support

Offering classes, courses, workshops and social activities, this part of our work reduces the isolation that trauma can bring, building confidence and friendships as part of restoration and rebuilding following devastating experiences

Meet the Team

Mark Thompson


Responsible for the strategic development and management of Relatives for Justice

Andrée Murphy

Deputy Director

A key voice in the promotion of a focus on women in the debate on how to deal with our past

Paul Butler

Advocacy Caseworker

Support families and individuals engaging with bodies across this island and in Britain

Aine Malone

Family Advice Co-ordinato

Co-ordinating rights based advice on applying to the Victims and Survivors Service

Christina Heaney

Health and Wellbeing Caseworker

works directly with individual victims and survivors and their families to facilitate trauma recovery

Eoin Connolly

Victims’ Payments Scheme Advice Worker

assisting applicants and proving support for families going through the Victims’ Payments Scheme

Jennifer McCann

Victims Payment Scheme Advice Worker

Victims Payment Scheme for Permanent Disablement Advice Worker

Mary Kate Quinn

Social Support Coordinator

organises victim centred social support activities

Paula Torney

Complementary Therapy Co-Ordinator

manages a team of highly Professional, Accredited Complementary Therapists.

Jim McGivern

Clinical Operations Lead

Jim Leads our health and wellbeing team and oversees the implementation of our clinical programme.

Haley Olig

Advocacy Caseworker

Part of the advocacy team. With a background in women's rights and civil rights.

Mariia Losieva

Administration and Support

The first person you will meet in our Ardoyne Office. Dedicated to supporting the administration needs.

Ruairí Howarth


Caseworker providing advice to the Payments Scheme for the Injured

Aisling Mulholland

Casework Manager

providing support to our team of case workers.

Priyam Yarnell

Victims' Payment Scheme

Striving to support victims in accessing their right to reparation.

Irati Oleaga Aiesta

Advocacy Caseworker

Irati is a key part of the Advocacy Casework Team.

Gabby Conway

Health and Wellbeing Caseworker

Working with the Health and Social Care Trust and Community Restorative Justice.

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People we have helped

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Latest News

Latest News and Events

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