Our Staff

Mark Thompson

RFJ's Director Mark Thompson
RFJ’s CEO Mark Thompson

Mark is a founder member and the CEO of Relatives for Justice.

Mark is responsible for the strategic development and management of Relatives for Justice and has overseen the growth of the organisation from a successful and dedicated voluntary campaigning group to the professional human rights, advocacy and support organisation that sets the bar on best practice for victims and survivors of conflict. This is an holistic model of support for families affected by conflict violations, ensuring effective support for redressing human rights abuses partnered by a range of services including therapeutic support.

Mark’s experience in pro-actively holding those responsible to account and in ensuring that the needs and experiences of victims of the conflict are identified and championed makes him one of the most recognisable and respected international figures in the debate on how we Deal with the Past. He has made representations on families’ behalf at US Congress and the United Nations, European Parliament, European Court, as well as to governments in both Britain and Ireland.

Mark can be contacted on mark.thompson@relativesforjustice.com

Andrée Murphy

RFJ's Deputy Director Andrée Murphy
RFJ’s Deputy Director Andrée Murphy

Andrée has worked in RFJ since it opened its first office on the Falls Road in 1999. She has worked first voluntarily in RFJ and now as its Deputy Director with responsibility for operational and budgetary management.

Andrée has been a key voice in the promotion of a focus on women in the debate on how to deal with our past and on the need to ensure that those who have experienced the worst of our conflict have the biggest say in how it is addressed in a human rights based framework. Committed to development and process based approaches Andrée consistently promotes the values of holistic and transgenerational support, along with establishing Relatives for Justice as a centre of excellence in the support of victims of conflict.

Andrée can be contacted on andree@relativesforjustice.com

Aine Malone

Aine is the Family Advice Co-ordinator in Relatives for Justice. Aine brings direct experience of working with the long-term needs of victims of the conflict.

Aine has worked in Relatives for Justice for nine years and has completed her Certificate as a Welfare Rights Advisor specialising in disability related benefits, tax credits and means tested benefits. She co-ordinates rights based advice on applying to the Victims and Survivors Service and access to professional welfare advice. It is often this practical support which makes the difference for families affected by conflict to begin a journey of healing. Aine’s dedication and commitment to individual cases as well as the area of strategic focus on the long-term policy needs of victims of the conflict that makes Aine’s role pivotal in RFJ.

Aine can be contacted on aine@relativesforjustice.com

Mike Ritchie


Mike is the Senior Casework Director in Relatives for Justice. Bringing a wealth of human rights experience as the former Director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) and Coiste na nIarchimí Mike’s unparalleled understanding of domestic and international legal and policy frameworks and individual conflict violations brings a depth and strength to our casework and advocacy team.

Mike’s focus on the personal experiences of those who have suffered violations ensures that all strategic and public work always remains focused on those who have experienced harm.

Mike can be contacted on mike@relativesforjustice.com

Orla Devlin

Orla is the Finance and Administration Manager in Relatives for Justice. Orla is responsible for the day-to-day management of the finances of Relatives for Justice. With a long background in financial management Orla brings her expertise to ensuring professional standards of good governance in all of RFJ’s financial dealings.

Orla can be contacted on orla@relativesforjustice.com

Paula Torney

Paula is the Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator. Paula brings over 10 years of experience of complementary therapies to RFJ. Her focus on the healing role of therapies following trauma is an essential platform in RFJ. There has been a consistent development of complementary therapy programmes across the North in recent years. A particular passion of Paula’s is the development of skills of those who have received therapies ensuring the development of long-term sustainability of healing programmes for individuals, families and communities.

RFJ has set the standard in best practice in delivery of complementary therapies under Paula’s stewardship.

Paula can be contacted on paula.torney@relativesforjustice.com

MaryKate Quinn


MaryKate Quinn is our Family Support Project Worker.

Her role is to identify and organise classes and activities that our families feel would support their journey to recovery. Mary Kate works in both the Belfast and Dungannon offices and in the Gulladuff and Short Strand outreach centres.

Her role also entails particular focus on gender harms and the integration of a gender lens to all of our work.

For further information please contact MaryKate on marykate@relativesforjustice.com

Paul Butler


Paul Butler is our Caseworker. A former legislator, and now working with Mike Ritchie he supports and assists families to identify, document and record the violations they have experienced. He assists families with accessing the public records that exist around the violations, including supporting the families to engage the available mechanisms for redress.

This is a very hands on role which focuses on the needs of those who have suffered harms. Every part of the work is carried out at the pace of the family themselves.

Paul can be contacted at paul.butler@relativesforjustice.com

Sue Ryan


The first voice on the phone when you phone our Belfast office Sue Ryan is our Belfast receptionist. Bringing a wealth of experience from the private and hospitality sector and trained in the effects of trauma, Sue is the safe pair of hands that is our point of first contact.