Quilt 7

Row 1

Left To Right:

Square 1

Michael Devine

23rd Feb 1985

Aged 23, IRA member one of three men, including his brother David shot by the SAS near Plumbirdge Road in Strabane.

Square 2

Michael Mc Larnon

28th Oct 1971

Shot in the chest by a soldier at Etna Drive in Ardoyne, North Belfast.

Square 3

Sammy Mc Larnon

15th Aug 1969

Aged 27 Married with children from Herbert Street Ardoyne, in North Belfast. Shot by the R.U.C in his own home.

Square 4

Patsy O’ Hara

21st May 1981

Aged 24, INLA member form Derry. One of 10 Republicans to die on hunger strike in Long Kesh prison.

Square 5

Frankie Mc Carroll

20th Dec 1972

Aged 58, Widower with children from Derry. One of five men killed in a UDA gun attack on “Annie’s Bar”.

Square 6

Eamon Mc McCormick

31st October 1971

Aged 17, member of the Fianna from Ballymurphy, West Belfast. He died from injuries on 16th Jan 1972 after the British Army had shot him several months before.

Square 7

David Devine

23rd Feb 1985

Aged 17, IRA member one of three men, including his brother Michael, shot by the S.A.S in Strabane.

Row 2

Left To Right:

Square 1

Francis Dodds

9th Sept 1973

Died of a Heart Attack in Long Kesh prison.

Square 2

John Judge

31st July 1990

Aged 34, Married with three children from Springfield road area of West Belfast. He was shot dead by the UDA outside his home as he celebrated the 5th birthday of one of his children.

Square 3

Jim Mc Ginn

15th Dec 1973

Aged 20, IRA member from Strabane. Killed when a bomb exploded prematurely at Clady Bridge on the southern side of the border.

Square 4

Kevin Lynch

1st Aug 1981

Aged 25, INLA member, from Dungiven, South Derry. One of ten Republicans to die on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh prison.

Square 5

Gerard Logue

22nd March 1987

Aged 27, IRA member from Derry. Died after his weapon fired accidentally in the Gobnascale area of Derry.

Square 6

Sean Hughes

7th Sept 1993

Aged 40, Married with 3 children from Carryduff South Belfast was shot by the UDA in his hairdressing salon on the Falls road.

Square 7

Barney Kelly

20th Dec 1972

Aged 26, Married with children from the Gobnascale Estate in the waterside area of Derry. One of five men killed when the U.D.A opened fire on customers in “Annie’s Bar” in Derry.

Row 3

Left To Right:

Square 1

Pauline Doherty

24th Sept 1976

Aged 17 from Oldpark Ave. in North Belfast. She was shot six times by the U.D.A who forced their way into her home.

Square 2

Martin O’ Pery

16th Aug 1991

Aged 29 IPLO member. Shot by the U.V.F as he sat holding his young daughter in his home in the Divis Area in the Lower Falls.

Square 3

Ciaran Murphy

13th October 1974

Aged 17 form Ardoyne in North Belfast. His body was found in a Quarry in North Belfast on 13th Oct 1974 after the U.D.A had abducted him as he walked home near the Antrim Road.

Square 4

Francis Hughes

12th May 1981

Aged 27 IRA member from Bellaghy South Derry. One of ten Hunger Strikers who died in Long Kesh Prison.

Square 5

William Mc Kinney

30th Jan 1972

Aged 27 from Creggan in Derry. One of 13 people shot dead by Paratroopers on Bloody Sunday in Derry.

Square 6

Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde

2nd Dec 1984

Aged 27 IRA member from Magherafelt. Shot by the S.A.S in an incident near the Fermanagh border.

Square 7

Desmond Mackin

19th June 1972

Aged 37 married with children from Andersonstown West Belfast. Shot by the IRA in a social club in Lesson Street in the Lower Falls. One Bullet hit a major artery in his leg.

Row 4

Left To Right:

Square 1

Patrick Mc Mahon

15th Oct 1993

Aged 23 from Spamount Street New Lodge area. Shot by UDA in front of his girlfriend and young son as they got out of a van in Newington Ave in North Belfast.

Square 2

Paul Fox

1st Dec 1975

Aged 20 IRA member killed with Laura Crawford when a bomb exploded prematurely in Belfast City centre.

Square 3

Patrick Vincent

16th Feb 1992

Aged 20, an IRA member from Dungannon one of four men killed by the S.A.S in a planned Ambush near St. Patrick’s Church Clone near Coalisland.

Square 4

John Patrick Hardy

28th Aug 1979

Aged 37 married with 10 children from New Lodge Road Area. Shot by the UVF at his home in Aston Street. The British Army had previously killed his brother Ambrose on the 4th Feb 1973.

Square 5

Seamus Hardy

14th September 1975

Aged 19 from Carrigart Avenue in Lenadoon. Shot by the UDA after he was abducted from Belfast City Centre and his body was in an alley way off the Crumlin Road on the 14th Sept 1975.

Square 6

Martin L ‘Estrange

12th Aug 1994

Aged 36 married with two children from South Belfast. Shot by the UDA at the Lurgan print firm where he worked.

Square 7

John (Bap) Kelly

21st Jan 1975

Aged 26 married with four children from the Lower Falls. Killed with John Stone when a bomb exploded prematurely in Chichester Street in Belfast City Centre.

Row 5

Left To Right:

Square 1

Guiseppe Conlon

23rd Jan 1980

Father of Gerard Conlon. One of the Guildford Four from the Falls Road area of West Belfast. He was arrested in England after he went to visit his son. He had a history of severe Bronchial problems and died in prison still protesting his innocence.

Square 2

Gerard Steenson

15th March 1987

Aged 29 IPLO member one of two men shot by the INLA in a car in West Belfast during an internal feud.

Square 3

Trevor Brecknell

19th Dec 1975

Aged 32 married with three children. From Cullyhanna but originally from England. One of three men killed when loyalists attacked a bar at Silverbridge in a gun and bomb attack.

Square 4

Pol Kinsella

Aged 31 a prisoner died at Long Kesh in 1994 from Leukaemia as a result of poor medical care. He was from Derry.

Square 5

Paul Armstrong

8th November 1974

From Ligoniel in North Belfast. A Seaman home on leave, he was shot by the UVF and his body was found in a Derelict Bakery in the Old Park area on the 8th of Nov 1974.

Square 6

Charley Hughes

8th Mar 1971

An IRA member from the Lower Falls, shot dead by members of the official IRA.

Square 7

Charlie Mc McCafferty

20th Dec 1972

Aged 31 married with a child from Derry. One of five men killed when the UDA opened fire on a bar in the Waterside area.

Row 6

Left To Right:

Square 1

Denise Ann Dickson

8th Feb 1971

Denise was knocked down and killed by a British Army Saracen in North Belfast.

Square 2

John Starrs

13th May 1972

Aged 19 IRA member from Derry. The British Army shot him at the junction of Chamberlain Street and William Street in Derry and died two hours later.

Square 3

James F Mc Caughey

17th Mar 1976

Aged 13 from Dungannon one of four people killed by a UVF bomb at the Hill Crest bar in Dungannon on St. Patrick’s Day in 1976. He was in the street on his way home at the time.

Square 4

David Glennon

8th Mar 1973

Aged 45 Married with six children, from Ballymurphy West Belfast. He was abducted by the UDA and shot dead.

Square 5

Mc Cool Family

27th June 1970

Father and two daughters Thomas aged forty, Bernadette Aged nine and Carole aged three. They all died together along with two other IRA members when a bomb exploded prematurely at their home in the Creggan Estate in Derry.

Square 6

Junior McDaid

29th Dec 1972

Aged thirty, IRA member from the Shantallow area in Derry. Shot by soldiers at Ballyarnett near Derry.

Square 7

Michael Ben Meenan

30th Oct 1974

Aged 16, IRA member from Derry. He was killed instantly when a bomb exploded prematurely in a car at a filling station at Strand Road Derry.

Row 7

Left To Right:

Square 1

Martha Campbell

14th May 1972

Aged 13, schoolgirl from West Belfast shot by a UVF gunman as she walked with friends along Springhill Ave.

Square 2

Annette Mc Gavigan

6th Sept 1971

Aged 14, schoolgirl from the Bogside in Derry shot by the British Army as she attempted to get a rubber bullet for her collection of riot souvenirs.

Square 3

John Toland

22nd Nov 1976

Aged 35 married with seven children from Derry. Bar manager shot by the UDA in the Happy Landings bar in Derry.

Square 4

Geraldine Mc Mahon

28th May 1972

One of eight people killed when an IRA bomb exploded prematurely in the Short Strand area of East Belfast.

Square 5

Michael Mc Ginley

20th Dec 1972

Aged 37, Married with one child from Anderson Crescent in Derry. One of five men killed in a UDA gun attack on the Top Of the Hill bar in the Waterside area of Derry.

Square 6

Jimmy Carr

28th Nov 1972

Aged 19, IRA member from the Bogside in Derry. He died with another IRA member when a bomb exploded prematurely in a house in the Bogside.

Square 7

John Fennell

4th March 1996

Aged 35, INLA member married with children from Ardoyne. His body was found in a caravan in Bundoran Co. Donegal. Believed to be feud related on the 5th Mar1996.