Remembering Quilt

What is the Quilt?
Relatives for Justice Remembering Quilt is a project for people who have lost someone as a result of the conflict in Ireland. The quilt is made up of squares which have been dedicated to individuals who have died as a result of the conflict. These squares are designed and made by family members and friends who wish to remember their loved ones in a creative and positive way. The squares are brought together to form a large quilt which will be a poignant remembrance of the great loss our community has had to bear.

Everybody who has lost a loved one due to the conflict is welcome to participate. It is a positive opportunity for families and loved ones to participate in a country-wide project either from their own homes, or in groups, knowing that people who have been through similar experiences are also contributing to the project across Ireland.

The quilt will be a lasting testimony to the creative dedication of family and friends all over the country who participated in this project.

Who makes the Quilt?
Each square is dedicated to a person who has died. Families get together and discuss how they would like the squares to represent their loved one. They then put these ideas into a 9 inch square, only then does the technical side of putting it together start. Groups of families and friends across the country have come together to design squares and to make them. They have benefited both from the project itself and from getting to know other people who have been through similar experiences.

Many people are isolated, either geographically or in other ways, and are encouraged knowing that they can participate equally in a project involving many hundreds of other people who have been through similar experiences. The project is about everybody participating and people being remembered in a positive and creative way.

How do I get involved?
The first step is to give us a ring or drop us a line. There may be a group of relatives in your area who are already meeting who we can put you in touch with. If not we can come and meet with you and others in your area to start a quilt making group. If you live in a more isolated area we can both come and see you or keep in touch by phone.

But I can’t sew!!
No problem! We can help in a number of ways – Advice on using techniques and materials which do not need any sewing; Our tutors can help teach you what you need for your design; There are some relatives who have finished  their own squares and who have volunteered to help others by taking their ideas and material and making the square for them, or by assisting them with any tricky pieces.

Is there a deadline?
The first panel of the quilt was launched in 2001, we now have 10 panels the last launched in April 2014 in Belfast City Hall by Belfast Mayor Mairtín O Muilleoir.

Sqaures continue to be made and new panels join all those already made.

We are encouraging every family who feels that a quilt made by Relatives for Justice members would be a positive project in which their loved one will be remembered, to get involved. If you know somebody who wants to get involved but we have not been in touch with them, please encourage them and let us know and we’ll help in any way we can.

So go ahead get in touch! Remember we are here for you.

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The Remembering Quilt Booklet & DVD

Click here to view a copy of the remembering quilt DVD.