Casework and Advocacy Services

The advocacy team is under the direct supervision of RFJ CEO Mark Thompson. It is made up of  Paul Butler, Irati Oleaga, Pat Conway and Haley Olig who are all Advocacy Caseworkers.

Legacy casework and advocacy supports the bereaved and injured of the conflict to recover their own history of harm, collating existing private and public documentation into one place, supporting the creation of personal narratives based on existing evidence, identifying outstanding questions and developing strategies for dealing with external investigations or other bodies.

Currently the RFJ team support families and individuals engaging with bodies across this island and in Britain, including the PSNI’s Legacy Investigation Branch, the Boutcher investigations, the inquest system, the Police and Garda Ombudsman offices, the courts in both jurisdictions and much more. Families are in control of their own narratives, identify their own needs and the pathways they wish to take, our team is here to offer information and advice and to support all of the processes families themselves decide on.