Quilt 3



Left to Right:

Square 1

Michael McGoldrick

8th July 1996

A 31-year-old married man with one child. He was a taxi driver from Ashgrove Crescent, Lurgan. He was shot dead by the UVF when he answered a bogus call. His wide was pregnant with their second child. Michael McGoldrick was an only child.

Square 2

Jimmy Marks

7th January 1976

A 51-year-old man with two children. He was a minibus driver from Ballydougan, Portadown. He died in Craigavon Hospital from injuries received when the UVF attacked the minibus near Gilford.

Square 3

Martin Byrne

6th January 1990

A 28-year-old married man with two children. A taxi driver from Derrymacash, Lurgan. He was shot by the UVF when he answered a bogus call for a taxi.

Square 4

Jackie Duddy

30th January 1972

A 17-year-old boy. One of thirteen people shot by British Paratroopers on Bloody Sunday.

Square 5

Dempsey – Burns

17th August 1976

A young couple Joseph and Annette Dempsey and their ten-month-old baby daughter, Bridget Anne, killed when the UDA petrol bombed their home in the New Lodge area of North Belfast.

Square 6

Francis Bradley

18th February 1986

A 20-year-old Joiner from Castledawson. Shot dead by the SAS in Magherafelt near Toomebridge. The area was staked out by five SAS men who opened fire.

Square 7

Danny Teggart

9th August 1971

A 44-year-old man with ten children from New Barnsley Crescent, West Belfast. One of a number of people killed by the British Army on internment day.


Left To Right:

Square 1

Tony Gormley

8th May 1987

A 25-year-old single man. An IRA member from Galbally, County Tyrone. One of eight man killed by the SAS when they were ambushed as they attempted an attack on a police station. One civilian was also killed.

Square 2

Charles McCann

5th February 1972

An IRA member from Toomebridge, County Antrim. He was one of two men killed when a bomb exploded prematurely on a barge on Lough Neagh.

Square 3

Brendan O’Hara

27th April 1975

A 38-year-old married man with four children from Ardowen in Craigavon. He was one of three men killed with the UVF burst in to a darts club near Bleany, Portadown, spraying the club with bullets.

Square 4

Michael Donnelly

19th December 1975

A 14-year-old schoolboy from Silverbridge, County Armagh. He was the son of the owner of Donnelly’s Bar and was one of three people killed in a gun and bomb attack carried out by the Loyalist, Red Hand Commandos.

Square 5

Brian Frizzell

28th March 1991

A 29-year-old Plumber from Ardhowen, Craigavon. One of three people killed by the UVF they attacked a mobile shop in Craigavon.

Square 6

Peter Woolsey

11th October 1976

A 39-year-old Farmer, from Cornascriebe near Portadown, he was married with one child. He was killed by the UVF as he worked in the milking parlour of his farm.

Square 7

Fergus Magee

14th November 1991

A 28-year-old married man with one child  from Kilmaine Street, Lurgan. One of three men shot by the UVF as they left work at Hyster Forklift truck factory near Lurgan.


Left To Right:

Square 1

Brendan O’Callaghan

23rd April 1977

A 21-year-old married man with two children. An IRA member from Carrigart Avenue, Andersonstown, West Belfast. Shot dead by the British Army outside the Hunting Lodge Bar in Andersonstown.

Square 2

Thomas O’Donnell

May 1973

A member of the IRA. He died in a car crash near the border in 1973.

Square 3

Brian Coyle

30th June 1976

A 17-year-old IRA member from Derry. Killed when a bomb exploded prematurely in the Bogside area of Derry.

Square 4

Hugh Duffy

22nd June 1975

A 30-year-old married man with a family who lived in Arran Street, Short Strand, East Belfast. He was He was shot by the UVF as he left work at a brewery off the Newtownards Road on the 20th June 1975. He died two days later of his injuries.

Square 5

Kathleen Thompson

6th November 1971

A 47-year-old married mother of six children from the Creggan Estate in Derry. She was shot dead by soldiers as she stood in the garden of her own home.

Square 6

Anne Magee

11th October 1976

A 15-year-old from Harcourt Drive in the Cliftonville area of North Belfast. She was shot in the face in a UDA gun attack on the shop where she worked on the 24th September and died three weeks later of her injuries.

Square 7

Paddy Butler

9th July 1972

A 30-year-old married man from Westrock Drive, West Belfast. One of five people killed in the Springhill area of West Belfast when troops opened fire. He was killed by the same bullet that passed through Father Noel Fitzpatrick as they attempted to help the injured.


Left To Right:

Square 1

Joseph Keenan

30th June 1994

Shot by Loyalists as he travelled in a car carrying Gerry Adams through the centre of Belfast. His health deteriorated and he died several years later.

Square 2

Eileen Duffy

28th March 1991

A 19-year-old single woman from Craigavon. She was one of three people killed by the UVF as she worked in a mobile shop in the Drumbeg Estate, Craigavon.

Square 3

Myles Scullion

7th March 1977

A 47-yer-old married man with five children from the Enniskeen Estate, Craigavon. He was shot by the UVF when he answered a knock at his front door.

Square 4

Brian Stewart

4th October 1976

A 13-year-old schoolboy from Turf Lodge, West Belfast, he was killed when hit in the head by a plastic bullet fired by the British Army.

Square 5

Gerard Henry McMahon

22nd June 1976

A 19-year-old from Portadown, badly beaten in a sectarian attacks on the 19th June 1976 and died from his injuries three days later.

Square 6

Adrian Carroll

8th November 1983

A 24-year-old single man from Armagh City. He was shot by the UVF in an alleyway as he walked home from work. Four members of the UDR were later convicted of his murder.

Square 7

Eamon McMahon

31st August 1972

A 19-year-old single man from Portadown. His body was found floating in the River Bann with a rope around his neck. Killed by a UDA assassination squad operating in Portadown.


Left To Right:

Square 1

John McConville

3rd April 1983

A 22-year-old single man from the Kilwilkie Estate in Lurgan. Beaten by two former members of the UDR from Lurgan and a deserter from the RAF in a sectarian attack in the centre of Lurgan.

Square 2

Patrick Campbell

28th October 1973

A 34-year-old married man with three children from Banbridge, County Down. Shot by the UVF as he answered a call to his front door.

Square 3

Sammy Ward

31st October 1992

A 30-year-old married man with four children. IPLO member from the Short Strand area of East Belfast. Shot by the IRA as he sat drinking in a GAA club in Beechfield Street.

Square 4

Thomas McIlwee

8th August 1981

A 23-year-old single man from Tamlaghtduff, South Derry. An IRA member he was the ninth republican to die on hunger strike in Long Kesh Prison. He was the youngest of the ten prisoners who died.

Square 5

Conor Maguire

29th April 1992

A 26-year-old single man. An IPLO member from Linen Grove in Ligoniel, North Belfast. Shot dead by the UVF as he worked at Ligoniel Community Association Centre.

Square 6

Roddy Carroll

12th December 1987

A 21-year-old INLA member from Armagh. One of two men killed in a ‘shoot to kill’ incident by the RUC’s mobile support unit outside Armagh.

Square 7

John O’Reilly

20th January 1987

A 26-year-old man with children. An INLA member from Eliza Street in South Belfast. He was shot by the IPLO during a feud together with Thomas Power in the Rossnaree Hotel outside Drogheda.


Left To Right:

Square 1

Hugh Magee

10th October 1991

A 52-year-old married man with one child. Black taxi driver from the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. Shot by the UDA behind the wheel of his taxi in the Oldpark area of North Belfast.

Square 2

Eamonn Rafferty

18th August 1971

A 19-year-old single man. An IRA member from Creggan, Derry City. Shot by the British Army.

Square 3

Darren Murray

10th October 1996

An 11-year-old schoolboy from Garvaghy Road, who was struck by a car following protests calling for an Orange march to be re-routed from the Garvaghy Road in Portadown.

Square 4

Jim Burns

23rd February 1981

A 33-year-old married man with three children. An IRA member, shot dead by the UVF as he slept in bed in his own home in the St James area of West Belfast.

Square 5

Patrick Rooney

14th August 1969

A 9-year-old schoolboy from Divis Flats, Belfast. Shot by the RUC as he lay in bed. The first child killed during the troubles.

Square 6

Danny Doherty

6th December 1984

A 23-year-old-married man with one child. An IRA member from Rathlen Drive, Creggan in Derry. One of two men killed in an SAS ambush in the grounds of Gransha Hospital, Derry.

Square 7

Hugh McKibbin

27th August 1992

A 21-year-old IPLO member from Bernaby Walk, Divis Street, shot during an internal feud between IPLO members.


Left To Right:

Square 1

Maura Meehan and Dorothy Maguire

23rd October 1971

Maura was a 31-year-old married woman with four children. An IRA member from the Falls Road area. She and her sister were shot by British soldiers in Cape Street, Lower Falls area. Dorothy, a 19-year-old single woman from Westrock Drive. An IRA member. British soldiers, shot her and her sister. in Cape Street, Lower Falls area.

Square 2

Paddy Crawford

10th August 1975

A 15-year-old, Official IRA member from Andersonstown. He was found with gunshot wounds in the grounds of the RVH.

Square 3

Liam Ryan

30th November 1989

A 39-year-old married man. An IRA member and pub owner from Ardboe, County Tyrone. One of two men killed when the UVF burst in to his pub the Battery Bar in Ardboe.

Square 4

Patrick Shanaghan

12th August 1991

A 31-year-old single man. Sinn Fein member from Killen, Castlederg, County Tyrone. He was ambushed by the UDA as he drove his van to work.

Square 5

Willy McManus

5th February 1992

A 54-year-old married man from Shaftesbury Square Avenue, South Belfast. One of five Catholics killed when the UVF attacked a betting shop on the Ormeau Road. Seven others were wounded.

Square 6

Anthony Doran

April 1999

A 52-year-old married man, Irish Republican Socialist, died 1999.

Square 7

Joseph, Barry and Declan O’Dowd

4th January 1976

Joseph, a 61-year-old man from Gilford, uncle of Barry a 24 year-old oilrig worker and Declan, a 19-year-old from Ballydougan. All shot by the UVF when they burst in to the family home as they were having a singsong around a piano. Brendan, their Father was seriously injured.