First we take Manhattan

It was a packed house last night in the Wolf Tone Irish Pub. It was great to see the President of the Brehon Law Society, Jennifer Francoli and colleagues, NY State Judge Francine Shott, leading NYC influential business man and Belfast native Sean Mackin, and of course AOH National Board members Sean Pender, Jere Cole, among the numerous State leaders and legislators. Our message on behalf of families was well received and understood- the heavy lifting of pre-1998 by the US that delivered the peace process is yet again required – moving the resistance to a rights based society that embraces human rights and the UK’s legal obligations concerning its actions during the conflict is the goal here. Ensuring families have justice as part of that process via the implementation of agreements is urgent. Challenging British bad faith the task now in hand.

We have lots of pics thanks to Nuala Purcell but these are just a few for friends at home that will recognise some familiar faces!!

On to Beautiful Pearl river tonight – can’t wait!