Information for Families Engaging Inquests

RFJ Support for Families During Inquests

The inquest process can be very challenging for families. Some inquests open, close and reopen causing distress. Some inquests hear graphic and difficult evidence. Some inquests reopen memories and thoughts for family members.

Within Relatives for Justice, we provide emotional and practical support for individuals who have been directly bereaved or injured because of the conflict. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental space, with the awareness that each person is unique.

If you would like to speak to us please ring/text/email and one of our team will come back to you.


Do You Know That There Is Financial Support Available To Families Attending Legacy Inquests?

What? This money comes from the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) and is known as the Legacy Inquest Support Payments Scheme.

Who? Our Advocacy workers can help you fill in forms. We are here to help you access the money that is available to your family.

Why? This money is to make the painful and difficult process of attending an inquest a tiny bit easier on a very practical level.

Eligibility is limited to:

  • The Parent(s),
  • Child/Children
  • Partner of the deceased
  • Sibling(s) of the deceased


In the event that none of the above are still alive;

  • The one official next of kin of the deceased.

Support is limited to a maximum of 3 days per week for each week the inquest sits.

Eligible claimants who are travelling from outside of the North please speak to us

The Rates & Allowances Payable Are:


  • Rail, bus and coach fares at standard rates will be reimbursed in full
  • Mileage will be reimbursed at 25p per mile
  • Parking – actual costs (you need to keep your ticket/receipt)



  • Attendance up to 5 hours – £2.25
  • Attendance 5 – 10 hours – £4.50
  • Attendance exceeding 10 hours – £9.75

This does not require receipts

Loss of Earnings

  • Employed persons absence from work not exceeding 4 hours – £33.50
  • Employed persons absence from work exceeding 4 hours – £67
  • Self-employed persons absence from work not exceeding 4 hours – £42.95
  • Self-employed persons absence from work exceeding 4 hours – £85.90