RFJ Responds to Inquest Funding Judicial Review Judgment


Please find full statement by Justice Girvan today regarding failures to fund Legacy Inquests. The Executive Office, the Dept of Justice and the Secretary of State were all told to immediately fund the inquests. Costs are awarded against all three. Arlene Foster’s costs regarding her own applications will be from her own personal funds. Judgment in Inquest Funding Judicial Review

Speaking from Washington DC where he is currently briefing US politicians on these very matters relating to legacy, RFJ CEO Mark Thompson said,

“We welcome this this judgment. It sends a very clear and important signal to anyone in authority that seeks to deny human rights to citizens that in doing so there will be judicial outcomes that not only upholds those rights denied but that also personal sanctions and financial liabilities will be incurred as a direct consequence of such illegal behaviour in public office.

“This should act as a deterrent.

“We again call on Mrs. Foster to apologise to all those families that her illegal decision affected.” ENDS