Inquests to open in Dungannon Monday 12 May 2003

Inquests to open in Dungannon Monday 12 May

Press Notification

Inquests into four separate incidents, two involving the SAS in
pre-planned shoot-to-kill operations and two involving loyalists with
strong evidence of collusion, are to open in Dungannon Court tomorrow
morning 12/5/03 at 10.30am. All family members will be in attendance.

Summary of
incidents – In the village of Coagh Co Tyrone Tony Doris, Lawrence
McNally, and Pete Ryan, were ambushed and killed by the SAS in a
pre-planned operation.

Clonoe in Coalisland Co Tyrone the SAS ambushed and killed Kevin Barry
O'Donnell, Peter Clancy, Sean O'Farrell, and Daniel Vincent also in a
pre-planned operation. Two other men were injured.

At the Moy in Co Tyrone loyalists entered the McKearney family butcher
shop and shot dead Kevin McKearney and his uncle Jack McKearney. Kevin
had already lost two of his brothers and his wife's parents Charlie and
Teresa Fox were also killed by loyalists in circumstances where
collusion was widely suspected.

On the outskirts of Dungannon Co Tyrone loyalists shot-dead Roseanne
Mallon in her home. A neighbour accidentally stumbled upon
sophisticated surveillance cameras trained on the Mallon home. A covert
British army unit was also dug in and had been observing the Mallon
home at the time of the killing. Statements from the covert unit,
disclosed through civil action taken by the family, revealed that they
were ordered not to act as the killing occurred.

Commenting on the Roseanne Mallon killing Martin Mallon, a nephew of
the pensioner, said: 'The continued failure over this past year of the
MOD to cooperate with repeated requests from the Coroner, Roger
McLarnon, to provide the necessary material in order that the inquest
into Roseanne's murder is heard will come to ahead tomorrow. If the
Coroner fails to
initiate legal proceedings against the MOD for failure to comply with
these requests then the family will have no other alternative than to
initiate our own proceedings. It is our right, and a matter of great
public interest given revelations to date in this murder, that this
inquest is convened and that the relevant material sought by the
Coroner is made available. This
is vital for an examination of the full circumstances surrounding
Roseanne's murder. The failure to do so contravenes the law and is in
violation of Article 2. In this context we intend to pursue the matter
and exhaust all avenues in our determination to get justice for
Roseanne.' ENDS