“Iraq 10 Years On”


By Dr Kathleen Cavanaugh

Thursday April 18th 7.30pm

RFJ Offices 39 Glen Road

Dr Cavanaugh will also be making observations on her recent visits to PALESTINE

Kathleen Cavanaugh is currently a Lecturer of International Law in the Faculty of Law, Irish Centre for Human Rights (ICHR), National University of Ireland, Galway.  Kathleen is a long time friend of Relatives for Justice. As a consultant, she has undertaken numerous missions on behalf of Amnesty International including to the north of Ireland, Israel/Palestine and more recently, to Iraq (where she focussed on the conduct of the occupying powers with relation to detention and security).

Her on the ground knowledge of how human rights abuses occur with impunity and the challenges families can face is second to none. We are delighted she can come and share some of her international experience with us.