Ormeau Road Families note statement by PSNI Chief Constable

Willie McManus
Christy Doherty
Jack Duffin
James Kennedy
Peter Magee

The past 24 hours have been been deeply traumatic and stressful for all of the families and survivors of the Ormeau Road Sean Grahams’ Bookmakers Atrocity. The families are still processing and coming to terms with these awful events.

They note the statement of the Chief Constable this evening.

They will in due course consider and assess this statement in full and respond if necessary. This incident is far from having a line drawn under it, not least the status of Mark Sykes’ arrest and the potential for charges.

As a reminder Mark Sykes is not merely “a man” who was present – he is a survivor of 7 gunshots from guns provided by the RUC/British army, some of which he still carries in his body, who was paying respects to his 18 yr old brother in law who was killed.

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