Plastic Bullet Vigil in Solidarity with Gaza

Clara ReillyStatement from Clara Reilly Chairperson of Relatives for Justice and the United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets

“The members of Relatives for Justice have been deeply moved as they witness the unfolding horror in Gaza.

“Next week we will gather at the annual plastic bullet vigil at 6pm Wednesday 6th August at the site of the Former Andersonstown Barracks, to remember those killed and injured by plastic and rubber bullets in our own land. Meanwhile we see the people of Palestine who protest against the catastrophic events in Gaza fired on with plastic bullets and live rounds by Israeli state forces.

“In recognition of this we will be also voicing our concern and solidarity with the people of Gaza who are suffering unimaginable violations against their civilian population and land.

“Those who suffered most from our own conflict will wish to extend a message to the international community that human rights are universal, and must be upheld by all. No people or community should suffer the types of violations that were suffered here as a result of the use of plastic bullets or in Gaza as a result of egregious aggression.”

Please Note: This is an annual vigil in memory of those who were killed and injured by plastic and rubber bullets during our own conflict and as such we respectfully ask that this is respected and that only placards provided by Relatives for Justice are displayed and only Palestinian flags are flown