Police Ombudsman’s rpeort into the killing of Gerard Lawlor released tomorrow

The Police Ombudsman’s report into the murder of Gerard Lawlor on 22 July 2002, will be published tomorrow.

The family made their complaint to PONI on 9 September 2004 and have waited patiently since then for the office to conclude their investigation and to report. The family still await the convention of Gerard’s inquest.

On the 10th Anniversary of Gerard’s murder (July 2012) Gerard’s family convened a Community Inquiry wherein the facts surrounding Gerard’s murder were publicly called, through the provision of witness testimony, and considered by a Panel of Experts.

The Panel thereafter produced an Independent Report and Recommendations, which was published on 22 November 2012.

The Report found that when considering the circumstances surrounding Gerard’s murder and the various investigations that had taken place, that there were serious deficiencies that, in the view of the panel, amounted to collusion, in that state agencies had collectively failed to provide an effective investigation.

Gerard’s parents, John and Sharon, will receive the Ombudsman’s report tomorrow morning and will be available to provide their considered response at 1430, at the offices of KRW Law*.

[Download not found] is an updated version to the 2012 Report, published last July 2022, on the event of the 20th Anniversary of Gerard’s murder, and which accounts for the egregious delay in the time which has elapsed since.

*Floor 2, The Sturgen Building, 9-15 Queen Street, BT1 6EA