Relatives for Justice response to the DUP/Tory Money Pact

The following is the full statement made to the Irish News as carried yesterday in their paper following the publication of the DUP/Tory agreement.

On behalf of Relatives for Justice, Mike Ritchie said: “It is very regrettable that these two parties have sought yet again to elevate perpetrators from state forces as somehow worthy of special treatment. They do this both in relation to their desire to impose the so-called Military Covenant on public authorities here and now with their commentary yet again that legacy is focusing disproportionately on state forces.


“This kind of language is odious to victims of state violence who feel that just when, for the first time, the criminal justice system has an even-handed approach to state violence, the British state mobilises along with its DUP patsies to undermine what they have already agreed to in the Stormont House Agreement.”