Villiers lawyers in attempt to have secret court recordings deleted

Friends Last Friday at midnight when the Secretary of State and the Chief Constable sought the injunction on documents containing the details of the killings of 3 people, there was as usual a tape recording of the ‘secret hearing’.

Yesterday Counsel for RFJ and KRW Law asked for a transcript of those tapes.
This is being resisted by the Secretary of State, the Northern Ireland Office, the PSNI and also the Dept of Justice, who were all represented at the Secret Hearing.

We have in the past hour received notice that there will be a hearing at 9.30am in the morning in Belfast High Court into what will happen to those tapes. RFJ is strongly resisting any destruction of the tapes and will legally demand a full transcript of the tapes. What is there to hide? What was said that an injunction was granted that they do not want us to know?

Victims have the Right to Know.

Victims have the Right to Truth.