RFJ react to £1.2billion Victim Payment Scheme Costs

Speaking in reaction to the Government Actuary Dept figures on the Payments Scheme for the Injured, ranging from £600 million to £1.2billions RFJ CEO Mark Thompson said:

“The scheme is designed to ensure acknowledgement of conflict related physical and psychological injuries. That acknowledgement has a price and we now see what that monetary price is.

“Across the globe transitional societies have embraced the principle of reparation for conflict harms, yet the Westminster government has stubbornly refused to act on its obligations to our injured from our recent conflict. It has acted particularly perniciously by incorporating numerous discriminations in the scheme regulations.

“It is clear, that the scheme requires significant funding that far exceeds block grant capacity. It is time for the British Secretary of State to sit down and make fiscal commitments to this scheme and put an end to its obfuscation.”