RFJ Youth Group to unveil new Plastic Bullet Mural

This Wednesday the annual plastic bullet vigil will take place at 6pm at the site of the former Andersonstown Barracks. This event remembers those killed by plastic bullets and those injured who, with their carers, live with the effects of life diminishing injuries.

It is also a space to renew the call for a ban on plastic bullets. As referred to elsewhere plastic bullets have become a significant part of policing once again. This is despite assurances by Secretaries of State and Chief Constables that they would never again be used in riot situations.

RFJ’s youth group has been in a process of examining all of these separate yet connected issues.  As their contribution to the debate on plastic bullets and memory the group with artist Danny Devenney have made a mural which will be erected next to the site of the vigil. Funded by Peace III this is a very important, creative and positive intervention by young people on a very contentious issue, during a very contentious summer.