RUC Special Branch Still Covering Up Shoot to Kill

Statement by the Grew family regarding the Shoot to Kill inquest hearing this morning
“Seamus’ father Pat was buried this month at the age of 89. He passed without having heard the inquest into his son’s murder. Seamus’ wife Maureen has also passed away without hearing the truth as to the circumstances of her husband’s murder.
“That these inquests have been opened since 2007 and that disclosure process has been delayed to the extent that the court heard today it has, is depressing.
“To hear this morning that the PSNI disclosure unit which is managing disclosure from the RUC/PSNI archive to the coroner contains 3 Special Branch officers with over 44 years of Special Branch service is devastating.
“To be advised that one of these officers served with 52 witnesses including the Constable Robinson that murdered Seamus is truly shocking. How can this process be considered independent or impartial?”