Secretary of State and Chief Constable drop injunction on RFJ and KRW and Minister of Culture

The families of Michael Donnelly and Sadie Larmour outside the Belfast High Court with RFJ Chair Clara Reilly

This morning the Secretary of State and the Chief Constable dropped their injunction on the files of Paddy McAdorey, Sadie Larmour and Michael Donnelly. This action by the Secretary of State was wrong legally and politically. But much more it was wrong morally. Victims were used as pawns in a political battle.
Theresa Villiers and Matt Baggott owe the McAdorey, Larmour and Donnelly families an immediate and sincere apology. These families have been treated with utter contempt, their rights trampled on and they have suffered appalling stress as a result.

Speaking in response Anne Marie Galbraith, sister of Michael Donnelly said:
“Did Teresa Villiers ever consider these were people she was dealing with? She never once took us families into consideration at all.
“It’s bad enough that our loved ones were killed and then vilified, they blackened our Michael’s name, now they are vilifying us and blackening our names for seeking the truth.”