Statement from Mallon Family re today’s Inquest Hearing

The camera found by the Mallon family after Roseann was killed in 1994

In a statement issued through Relatives for Justice at the end of today’s inquest hearing of the circumstances surrounding the UVF murder of 76-yr old Roseanne Mallon, the Mallon family said:


“At the time Roseanne was killed there was a sophisticated and highly resourced covert operation outside the house. This operation involved three known separate regiments of the British army, and additional unspecified regiments. It was sanctioned at the highest levels of TCG, and involved HQNI. We found one camera; we know that there were more.


“It is inconceivable that the surveillance equipment did not have the capacity to observe at night time.


“Why put in place such a huge surveillance operation without the capacity to observe at nighttime? There’s no logic in that. Are we really to believe there was no thermal imaging equipment; infra-red cameras; night-vision binoculars etc.?


“One would have thought that from a security point of view it would make absolutely no sense whatsoever not to have the ability to observe at nighttime.


“This morning soldiers’ statements read into the inquest stated that when they reported gunfire were told ‘not to react’ – why?


“Roseanne was 76 and the State watching and hearing her murder chose not to act when the UVF attacked her home.


“Additionally we now know that the RUC/PSNI version of the ballistic history of the murder weapon could now be in doubt. The inquest heard that a HET report into the murder weapon could be ready by 22nd November, but that this date could slip. The Coroner, Mr. Justice Weir, has stated this is not good enough and that he wants it sooner as the inquest cannot conclude without it. Why has it taken all this time to establish the ballistic history of the weapon? We now know that the weapon was VZ 58, a replica of the AK 47 weapon, imported as part of a consignment of weapons supplied to loyalists by MI5 agents.


“We were unaware of the HET conducting an examination of the murder as we have never had any contact with them. The case is also out of their normal approach of examining killings in chronological sequence and therefore we cannot understand why they have been examining Roseanne’s killing and why they have failed to inform us.


“The British State continues to have more and more questions to answer regarding the UVF murder of a 76-yr old pensioner. ”ENDS