Teresa Slane calls on Cameron to cooperate fully with Inquest

Mark Thompson, Gerard Slane, Teresa Slane, Catríona Slane at this morning's press conference

Speaking at this mornings press conference announcing that Attorney General has order a new inquest into the 1988 murder of Gerard Slane, Teresa Slane Gerard’s  widow accompanied by two of her  her children, Gerard Jnr and Catriona, and Gerard’s brother and sisters has called on British Prime Minster David Cameron to cooperate fully with the inquest;

In a post press conference statement, issued through RFJ, Mrs Slane reiterated;

‘The British Prime Minister David Cameron is here in Belfast today and I am calling on his
government to cooperate fully with this inquest.

‘This can be best achieved by providing all the necessary documentation in the possession
of the British government including the Stevens Report.

This call is also about ensuring that all witnesses within the British intelligence services and armed forces, including those who may have moved on and who hold relevant information concerning Gerard’s murder, are also available.


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