Today is UN International Day for the Right to Truth and to coincide with this Relatives for Justice will this evening launch a short campaign video onto Youtube entitled Time for Truth – #Time4Truth – 7pm Linenhall Library, Belfast.

Speaking in advance of this evenings launch RFJ Director Mark Thompson said;


“The video clip is just over 5 minutes long and features 27 relatives who have had loved ones killed in the conflict – some have had multiple losses.


“This is about empowering families to say directly and publicly that they want the past dealt with and they want the truth about the killings of their loved ones.


“When we talk about truth we want that truth to be universal and for everyone affected by the conflict and whilst our campaign draws on our members’ experiences the campaign for truth is an inalienable right for all.


“We want others affected by the conflict and who have also raised the issue of truth to make their call for truth too. Together our voices are strong.


“Issues of transitional justice, justice, acknowledgement, recognition, validation of experiences, healing, and reparations all flow from truth.


“UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon said; “The right to the truth is both an individual and a collective right. Each victim has the right to know the truth about violations against them, but the truth also has to be told more widely as a safeguard to prevent violations from happening again.”

“The past is ever present and permeates our political and civic life everyday.


The appointment by the Executive of Dr. Haass and Professor O’Sullivan was recognition of this reality and an attempt to facilitate a constructive way forward.

“At least on the past there appears to be more agreement than the issues of flags and marches. We believe that the proposals regarding the past can be implemented for the greater good of all those bereaved and injured. All victims and survivors deserve nothing less.

“From Eames/Bradley to Haass/O’Sullivan a clear formula now exists and we would urge all parties and both governments to get this issue across the line.

“It is in that context that families wanted to add their own personal voices and to also reach out to the international community too with their message – it’s time for healing -it’s time for truth.” ENDS

Relatives for Justice Board member and human rights lawyer Niall Murphy who is currently in the US will hand deliver a DVD copy of the campaign to the UN and to the offices of Richard Haass in New York. Time for Truth can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JPg44okm2g