US Congress Pass Resolution Opposing British Government Amnesty Legislation

RFJ welcomes US Congressional Resolution 888, which opposes proposed British amnesty legislation.

The resolution, initiated by Congressman Bill Keating of Massachusetts, specifically acknowledges the British state murder of 14 civil rights marchers and the injury of many more by the British army Parachute Regiment in Derry on January 30 1972 when they attacked and fired on peaceful demonstrators.

48 members of Congress signed the resolution, making it one of the most significant bi-partisan initiatives on Ireland since the days of the Good Friday Agreement.

RFJ, working alongside our colleagues in the US, worked to ensure that this Resolution addressed the issues of legacy, securing absolute opposition to the British government’s plans to introduce a blanket amnesty banning all prosecutions, investigations, inquests and civil litigation by families bereaved and those injured in the conflict from right across the community.

CEO of RFJ Mark Thompson said:

“This resolution is hugely significant and follows previous Resolutions from both the Senate and Congress raising opposition to the British government’s failure to uphold the rights’ of victims, the rule of law and administration of justice.

“The UK’s proposals are an act of political vandalism on the rights’ of all victims, the law, and the GFA.

“The United States clearly understands these issues and has once again acted accordingly and we applaud and welcome this latest intervention aimed at preventing any form of amnesty and political interference with democratic norms and rights.”

The resolution can be read here in full US Congress Resolution 888 opposing British state amnesty legislation