Patrick Rooney’s mother responds to questioning of RUC officer in relation to killing of her son

Patrick Rooney

Speaking through Relatives for Justice in response to some media reports that a former RUC officer was questioned about the fatal shooting of Patrick Rooney on August 14th 1969, Alice Rooney, Patrick’s mother, said:

“We are aware that the Police Ombudsman interviewed a former RUC member concerning Patrick’s murder.

“Patrick was a 9-year-old child shot dead in his home during an attack on our district and homes by the RUC and B Specials.

“There was absolutely no justification whosoever for what happened to Patrick.

“It was totally wrong on all levels. There was never a proper investigation. No one was ever held to account. These failings added to our trauma and anguish over the years.

“I am aware that there is criticism from some unionist politicians about this former officer being questioned.

“I would simply say to them that you cannot shoot people, my child, and then when questioned decades later about the murder complain as if you’re the victim.

“It would certainly be helpful to us if the full truth could emerge and that those responsible are brought to justice.

“My late husband Neilly worked tirelessly for justice and passed away without ever seeing justice. Hopefully we’ll see some justice even after all these decades. ENDS

The Rooney family have asked that any media be directed to Relatives for Justice.