Consultation on Dealing with the Past

We are encouraging families to respond to the Consultation on Dealing with the Past. The Deadline is 10th September

The deadline for submissions to the Consultation in Dealing With The Past is fast approaching.

Relatives for Justice are encouraging all families to consider making a response to the consultation on proposed mechanisms for dealing with the past.

This consultation arises from protracted discussions following the signing of the Stormont House Agreement.

The proposals are not perfect, however they will affect how any investigation into the death of your loved one may or may not be carried out by the Historical Investigations Unit.

So we encourage all families to get copies of the proposals online or through our offices.

Information can be received online British Gov proposals for dealing with the past or through our Belfast or Dungannon offices.

The consultation ends on 10th September. There is very little time left to say if you think that the British Government has got this right, or needs to ensure that there is no amnesty for state actors or should not have secret courts to decide on what goes into family reports or should have a pension for the injured.

Relatives for Justice is currently finalising our response. It will be very comprehensive and you are of course welcome to endorse our submission if you agree with it. We will include your name and address and the name of your loved one or the date you were injured.

But additionally this is a real opportunity for you to have your voice own heard and your own words read if you wish.

Our staff are here to help every step of the way if you would like to make a submission. Please phone Mike Ritchie on 90627171.