Families appeal to those harmed to make submissions to the consultation on dealing with the past

Roisín Ní Dhónaill - sister of Kevin Barry O'Donnell

Please see this appeal from the families of Patrick Heenan, Stan Carberry, Kevin Barry O’Donnell, Larry Marley and Patrick Falls calling on other families to consider making submissions to the consultation on dealing with the past.

The consultation draws to an end on Monday 10th September.

They are urging families to make submissions to the consultation based on their experience of previous investigations and the requirement for a fair and transparent process that will at last address the need for truth, justice and accountability.

No amount of propaganda or spin can hide the fact that families’ human rights have been systemically denied. The facts are clear. There is a legacy of our conflict that must be addressed. Every actor to the conflict needs to be held to account. Investigations need to meet human rights standards. They need to be independent. They need to gain the confidence of the entire community, not the allegiance of some.

The British Government has obligations under international human rights law.

There is a question as to whether the proposals meet the needs of victims or even meet the obligations under the law. This consultation allows families to have their say on their needs. Do you want former RUC investigating your loved one’s killings? Are you satisfied that the Secretary of State has the final say as to the information you receive? Do you think there should be a pension for the injured and the bereaved who could never work again? Do you think the British army should get an amnesty?

Nothing matters more than those who have been harmed and hurt saying what they need, in their own words with their own experience.

In these last few weeks we are encouraging everyone to have a say. Email, submit online, write your letter, make an extensive submission or say something into your phone and give it into the NIO. Tell the NIO what you and your family need.

Please have a look at what some families did over the bank holiday weekend with just a mobile phone in their homes, their offices, our offices.

In the coming days we are available to help anyone who would like to make a similar short submission in their own words. Particularly over this weekend we are available to record and submit your words – your experience – your needs. Get in touch! Have your say!

Families appeal to make submissions to consultation on the past