Bereaved and Injured to Launch Election Manifesto

Bereaved and Injured of Plastic Bullets to Launch Election Manifesto

15th May 2001

Tomorrow, 16th May 01 at 11.30am relatives of people killed and injured
by plastic bullets will launch a manifesto for all political parties.
This manifesto calls on political parties to support the calls for the
ban on plastic bullets, particularly in light of the introduction of a
new more lethal plastic bullet, due for introduction on the 1st June.

It also puts this development in the context of moves towards a new
police service. It states that parties cannot encourage young people to
join a new police service that is equipped with such a lethal weapon.

Using the latest information on this new bullet relatives will be
demonstrating the danger to children and the public with a mock firing
range set up on the Andersonstown Road at the site where John Downes’
was killed by a plastic bullet shot at point blank range.

Clara Reilly Chairperson of the United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets
said: “The campaign is appealing to all sections of the community to
support its aims. As we approach the marching season a situation may
arise within
weeks where the new lethal plastic bullet will be used against the supporters of the Orange Order at Drumcree.
“John Stevens, chief of the London Metropolitan Police refused to even
consider the use of plastic bullets in advance of forecasts of serious
violence on the streets of London. The same reason and recognition of
human rights must be applied in the North of Ireland.”