Campaign welcomes legal action on Plastic Bullets

8th July 2002

Campaign welcomes legal action on Plastic Bullets

The United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets today welcomed the legal
action on plastic bullets today lodged in the High Court by Peter

The legal action is being taken against the PSNI and the MoD who were
responsible for perpetrating the attack and the Police Board who have
control of the purchase and deployment of the bullets being used.

Peter Montgomery contacted the campaign following the assault on him. We
took detailed statements from him last June about the assault and the
nature of his injuries. It was a very serious incident which requires
immediate redress.

We welcome his decision to address the negligence of the Police Board by
failing to identify the inherent dangers of plastic bullets or to
adequately control or regulate their use.

Speaking today on behalf of the campaign and on the 21st anniversary of
the shooting of his wife Nora, Jim McCabe said:

“Today’s intervention in the courts has a particular poignancy for my
family. We did not have any legal redress for the killing of my wife by
the RUC, nor for the cover up and lies told in the aftermath.

“This civil case places plastic bullets in the dock. It provides a
spearhead for those maimed and injured to follow, no matter what
community they come from. This case should be seen as in the context of
promoting human rights
and forcing positive changes in the methods of policing used. The ending
of the use of plastic bullets will benefit all of the community and make
this place a safer place to live.

“The campaign pledges Peter Montgomery and his legal team all of our