Family of Thomas McErlean respond to Michael Stone’s release

Thomas McErlean

The family of Thomas McErlean has released the following statement through Relatives For Justice:

“We have been made aware that Michael Stone is to be released from custody shortly.

“As a family we have pursued legal action to try and ensure Stone remained imprisoned. It is unjust Michael Stone is able to move forward with his life when he took the lives of Thomas McErlean and many other people. Our family are denied the chance to heal whilst he refuses to answer questions about which parts of the state armed and assisted him with so many murders.

“As a family we continue to love, miss and remember Thomas, and call for a proper investigation into his death that will reveal the truth about state collusion and loyalist paramilitaries. The victims families need to be the focus rather than Michael Stone.”

Editors’ Note: The McErlean family have asked all media queries be directed to RFJ and that their privacy is respected