The family of John Murray respond to the release of Michael Stone

John Murray

The family of John Murray, killed on 16th March 1988 in Milltown Cemetery by loyalist Michael Stone has released the following statement:

“On a week when John should have been celebrating both the birth of his sixth grandchild and his 60th birthday, we have instead had to endure the news of the early release of the person responsible for John’s murder.

“The lack of clarity from the relevant bodies has been nothing short of insulting .

“As a family we too have been given a life sentence, a sentence which we have borne and continue you bear with great dignity, a life sentence without ever being afforded the luxury of an early release.

“While there are many questions that remain unanswered surrounding John’s death and what assistance was given to his killer on that day, today we choose to remember John for who he was, a 27 year old husband and father of two young children whom he adored. He was a son and a brother who filled our lives with love, kindness and plenty of laughs taken from us in the most public and brutal manner and whose death we struggle to come to terms with every single day.”

Editors Note: The family have asked that the media respect their privacy and that they do not contact the family.