FootPath to Truth – Families making Memory Stones

As everyone is living in changed circumstances given the global pandemic, we in Relatives for Justice wanted to create a project you can all do at home.  We hope you will participate in our memory project ‘Footpath for Truth’ which involves creating decorative stones.

These stones are dedicated to our lost loved ones.  To those who were killed but also, to family members that have passed away while searching for truth and justice.  You can decorate as many stones as you want in memory of those loved ones.  It is something that all family members can participate in.  We hope to compile them all together to create a ‘Footpath for Truth’.  It is a nice way to remember our mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and siblings who are no longer with us whilst we continue our fight for the truth.

Until such times when we can all come together again, we hope to create a virtual exhibition of  ‘Footpath for truth’ for this year’s Feile An Phobail.  It will also be displayed on our social media platforms.  We are asking you to take photos or videos of your stones and send them into us to make this possible.

You can decorate them whatever way you want in memory of your lost loved ones.  Were they musical?  What was their favourite flower?  What did they enjoy?  This project is much like our Remembering Quilts but instead of sewing, we are painting stones.  A few examples will be provided and I will talk you through how to create a memory stone.

We will all have enough time to complete our stones so if you have not got what you will need, you will have time to get the items.

Firstly, where do you get a nice big stone?  Do you have any in your garden?  Are there any stones you could pick up on your next walk?  Would a friend or family member be able to get you one?  You can pick up a bag of cobble stones for under £10 in most DIY stores.

What you will need?

  • Rock/stone of your choice
  • Newspaper to cover surfaces
  • Paintbrushes – Can be purchased in Poundland or any craft store
  • Paint – Preferably Acrylic paint which can be bought in Home Bargains, The Works or online but any type of paint will do.
  • Permanent Marker – you will need a permanent marker for any writing or detail you wish to put on your stone.  You can pick these up in most shops.
  • Varnish – This is an important part of the process as it will keep your work intact.  You can pick up a small tin of varnish in any DIY store or online.  You may have some already at home!

Please watch the short video of how to create a memory stone. How to make a memory Stone After you have completed it, please get in touch with your photos and videos.  If you want to discuss this further, please feel free to contact MaryKate Jennifer or Louise 02890627171 or email