No PSNI action on Cairns boys collusion and murders

The Cairns family on the night of the attack only hours earlier celebrating sister Roisín's birthday

Exactly a year ago tonight BBC Spotlight revealed agents, collusion & murder by the Mid-Ulster UVF.

This included the murders of brothers Gerard and Rory Cairns, at their home in County Armagh on the evening of October 28th 1993.

It was also their sister Roisin’s 11th Birthday, which they had just celebrated.

RUC and British army agent Billy Wright planned and ordered the murders.

State agent Alan Oliver was one of the gunmen who carried out the murders.

Oliver has never been convicted for any offence despite being involved in approximately 15 murders.

The year prior to the murders Robin Jackson, also a state agent, was involved in a conspiracy to murder all the males in the entire Cairns family; reminiscent of similar attacks his UVF gang carried out in the 1970’s.

Former loyalist killer and close associate of the three agents, Laurence Maguire, spoke exclusively to BBC Spotlight revealing that Wright worked with and alongside RUC officers.

Despite all this evidence the PSNI has still to act.

You can watch the full BBC Spotlight programme on this link: Spotlight