Not Good Enough

So what does the past 24 hours mean?
For families affected by this report they are at a complete disadvantage.
They sit with the burden of having to do the right thing by their murdered loved ones. This often raises difficult choices.
For victims of state violence the choices are horrendous.
And what makes it particularly horrendous is that there is nothing to replace this process.
Do you recognise how awful this process is, how flawed this process is, how irreparable this process is and disengage?
The answer may, especially if you have no confidence in the process, seem an easy yes.
But if you have made the leap and engaged in a process, brought your heart soul and memories to that process and the individuals you have met in that process have made promises to you, then that choice is not simple. Many relatives have been traumatised, hurt, and are understandably angry. It is an emotional roller-coaster.
It can only be supported if another appropriate and compliant process is put in place. And that is where the rest of us have a responsibility.
We cannot leave families in this type of distress, with this type of Hobson’s choice.
All of us need to put our shoulders to the wheel and find a way through this.
David Forde this morning, saying there is no option other than an un-compliant and unacceptable option of getting the state to investigate itself, is simply not good enough.
He could call for talks today on devising a compliant mechanism.
The absolutely scandalous silence of the British Secretary of State and Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs abandoning citizens, is beyond not good enough, when they have the power to call all party talks today on Dealing with the Past.
NGOs must work together to demand that these obligations are lived up to.
It is past time and the distress is real, present and urgent.
Not good enough people – not one bit good enough.