Ormeau Road Families Respond to Ombudsman Collusion Report Crisis

Ormeau Road families with RFJ's Mark Thompson and solicitor Kevin Winters at PSNI Headquarters

This statement is issued through Relatives for Justice on behalf of the five families bereaved in the Ormeau Road Bookies atrocity on 5th February 1992, almost exactly 26 years ago. Tommy Duffin, who lost his father Jack in the attack, said:

“Over the past few years several deadlines have been missed for the publication of the Police Ombudsman’s report into our loved ones’ murder. July 2016, Easter 2017, early 2018 and now, we don’t know when. However, this latest postponement is particularly disappointing. A number of people injured and bereaved in the atrocity have died over the years whilst awaiting the truth of what happened. There are also a number of increasingly elderly relatives who still await the report. My mother is 90 and increasingly frail. Rosie McManus who lost her husband Willy in the attack, is 78 and recently suffered a stroke. Clara Magee lost her 18 year old son, Peter and is now 87 and very frail. Given this delay, the likelihood of them surviving to see the publication of this report is very slim. The families are deeply angry at this development.

“The fact that the report is completed and we cannot access it is causing anxiety and distress to the bereaved and survivors. It is deeply frustrating that the report concerning the murder of our loved ones is ready to be published and we cannot see it. There is irrefutable evidence that collusion was a significant factor in the attack; no-one can challenge it. The fact that former RUC officers have now in effect blocked us from getting the truth adds insult to injury. We call for the report to be released immediately. The facts stand for themselves.”