OTR Report should Inform Process on Past – Not Delay It

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Relatives for Justice Director Mark Thompson has issued the following statement following news of delay on talks to deal with the past:

“Today’s announcement that the DUP will not engage in talks to deal with our past until the report re the On The Runs is completed is a cynical and cruel development.


“Thousands of families across our community deserve and have a right to a comprehensive process that addresses the violations they have suffered. This includes families affected by all actors to the conflict, in every county and from all backgrounds. La Mon, Ballymurphy, Omagh, Springhill, Teebane, Loughisland, Kingsmills, Ormeau Road. The list goes on and is added to almost daily. All victims have equal rights to remedy.


“There is nothing to stop a report re the OTRs informing any process once it is established. And everyone knows that. Today’s announcement is nothing short of avoidance of the worst kind. It is grandstanding on people’s pain.


“In the absence of a process some victims of our conflict are forced to resort to under resourced and inadequate mechanisms that were never designed to deal with the legacy of conflict. Others are forced into a silent desperation of waiting for political will and agreement to build a process. This is simply not good enough.

“Equally it is not good enough of the British Government to continue to over see the drip drip of information after the delay delay of process.

“The two governments must move to the implementation of the Haass proposals on the past without delay and without the further continuance of trauma.”