Plastic bullet order act of defiance

Monday 12th November 2001

United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets
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‘Police Authority plastic bullet order act of defiance’

Statement from Clara Reilly Chairperson of the United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets.

Mrs Reilly said:

‘The United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets strongly condemns the
decision by the now defunct Police Authority in their recent purchase
of 50,000 plastic bullets, wasting £300,000 of tax payers money.

‘Undoubtedly this is an act of defiance against the wishes of those
interested in promoting and protecting human rights and has effectively
shown contempt in this regard.

‘We will be seeking legal advice on the possibility of this move being
overturned, given that it contravenes the Patten recommendations into
finding a safer and non-lethal alternative to plastic bullets.

‘Furthermore, we are now publicly asking the new Police Board – do you
have the authority and will to overturn this decision and to refuse
payment in respect of this latest consignment of weapons?

‘We are encouraged by the comments of the new leader of the SDLP, Mark
Durkan, on his principled stand ensuring an end to the use of these
lethal weapons.

‘Plastic bullets should not be used anywhere or against any section of
our community. They have no place in our society, especially when
respect for human rights and against lethal force is being promoted by
all people of good will.’ ENDS