Magennis Appointment

Thursday 26th July 2001

‘Magennis appointment to Human Right Commission would be akin to appointing George Bush the head of Greenpeace.’

RFJ Spokesperson Mark Thompson said: ‘It is incredulous to believe that
someone like Ken Magennis has been short-listed as a possible
Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission. There has been no one more
vocally opposed to the issues raised in regard of human rights
violations by the state than Ken Magennis.

Not only has he dismissed out of hand completely these matters, he has
also criticised international authoritative human rights figures,
including human rights bodies such as Amnesty International who also
share these concerns. He has even condemned international judgments
concerning the activities of the state.

Ken Magennis’s role in both the B Specials and the UDR should in itself
raise a cautionary note for those considering such an appointment given
that these same organisations were disbanded because of their human
rights abuses.

His role if appointed would be used to continue his crusade in
preventing the deliverability of truth and justice for those affected
by the state only.

It would be an affront, a disservice, and a retrograde step to the
promotion and furtherance of human rights within our society if he were
to secure a position as a commissioner.

It would be akin to appointing George Bush the head of Greenpeace.

Ken Magennis spent his political career defending the indefensible.
Defending the appointment of Ken Magennis if selected is not an option
or a scenario for the Human Rights Commission.’ ENDS