PSNI Vindictively Attack victims of RUC collusion as they lay flowers

Today at a small, safe and socially distanced wreathlaying the relatives of people killed in the Ormeau Rd bookmakers atrocity and some of those injured, were assaulted and attacked by the PSNI. One of the survivors, who was shot 7 times in the attack, Mark Sykes, was arrested.
The video taken by one of the relatives can be seen here PSNI attack Bookies Atrocity families as they lay flowers
At the very time of day when 29 years ago the UDA with state assistance entered Sean Graham’s bookmakers and killed five people, the PSNI vindictively decided to disrupt, insult and create unprecedented and callous hurt.
The very same institution – the PSNI – that has prevented and thwarted effective investigation into these killings decided to intervene in a safe and distanced commemoration. This is beyond outrageous and there must be immediate accountability.
This was not a public or community event. There was only a handful of relatives and survivors who sought to leave flowers at the spot where their loved ones had been gunned down with state collusion.
CEO of RFJ has said: “Today’s disgraceful assault on those bereaved and injured in the UDA collusive attack on Sean Graham’s bookmakers 29 years ago at the exact time the murders occurred must be contextualised in the ongoing battle by the PSNI to prevent the publication of the Police Ombudsman’s report into the atrocity and to protect the RUC handlers and agents involved in the atrocity. It is nothing short of vindictive.”