Statement by Bookies survivor Mark Sykes following PSNI vindictive arrest

Statement by Mark Sykes this evening in response to his arrest by PSNI at Bookies Atrocity memorial and in response to Chief Constable Simon Byrne:
“The only thing I had in my hands was flowers that my 3 year old grand daughter had lain at her uncle’s memorial. When I asked police what they were doing and had they notebooks out at Pitt Park, I was told if I swore again I would be arrested. I said this is a f***ing disgrace as I walked away. The police then grabbed me and handcuffed me.
“The cuffs were as tight as possible, behind my back. The handcuffs were dug in tightly to the bullet wounds I suffered 29 years ago to the day. On top of the insult of donating the weapon to shoot me to a museum they have today literally rubbed the steel of their handcuffs as salt in my physical wounds”