Relatives for Justice response to the public consultation on a Payments Scheme for the Injured

Relatives for Justice has made a comprehensive response to the British Government proposals for a payment scheme for the injured. Our full response can be read here Response to Payment Scheme NIO November 2019 Final

While a scheme is to be welcomed there are significant flaws in the scheme.

In Summary

  1. All payments for the injured should be based on need within the framework of the 2006 Victims Order. No one should be left behind.
  2. Diagnostic tools for psychological assessment of injury should be kept under dynamic review.
  3. The timeline for eligible injury should be extended to include all conflict related actions resulting in injury
  4. The role of carers while the injured person being cared for is alive should be recognised within the payment scheme.
  5. Care must be taken to safeguard against domestic abuse, either of the injured or of carers.
  6. A gender analysis should be undertaken of the entire proposals and a gender advisory group established.
  7. The definition of secondary victims must be expanded to include the psychologically injured bereaved who were not present at the time of the incident or its immediate aftermath.
  8. A Tribunal of Reparations should be progressed immediately. This Tribunal would have a role in ensuring that the payment scheme is human rights compliant, amd meeting the needs of victims and survivors. The issue of recognition payments to the bereaved as pursued by the Irish Government and recommended by the Consultative Group on the Past should form a significant part of the consideration of the Tribunal
  9. The recovery of systemic data on patterns and trends as suggested by the Special Rapporteur would be a key part of the Tribunal and an ongoing piece of essential work.