RFJ in Washington

A cross-community delegation of families are currently in Washington DC lobbying for US Government intervention on the policy of collusion and seeking a congressional fact-finding mission to Ireland.

Mark Thompson, Clara Reilly, Raymond McCord snr, Paul McIlwaine, Theresa Slane, and Pauline Davey are bringing a message from hundreds of families affected by state and state sponsored killings that these issues cannot remain unresolved and only international and independent intervention can begin to address these matters. 

There is a daily blog on http://rfjinamerica.blogspot.com which will keep you up to date on where and who the delegation visit. 

Details of the cases of John Davey, Gerard SLan, David McIlwaine and Raymond McCord jnr which are also being raised can be found on https://www.relativesforjustice.com/index.php?pageNum_rsprod=10&totalRows_rsprod=106&cat=33