Rosemary Nelson Report must be read in full and lessons learned

Today’s final report on the murder of human rights solicitor Rosemary Nelson must be read carefully and diligently by all with an interest in human rights. It is extremely unfortunate that so many reports – including the BBC – are carrying the banner headline No Collusion. What is immediately evident with even a cursory glance at the report is that had the definition of collusion applied by Judge Cory is indeed proven by much of the headlined findings.

But rather than trying to glean an impression from cursory headlines we must all read the report in full. We must all must consider the findings. And most of all there needs to be applied learning from the report. That is the point of public inquiry – to establish what occurred and establish what needs to be done to ensure it can never happen again – all in the public interest.

Tonight we will all be thinking of our friend Rosemary, and her family – who have today marked a milestone on their long and difficult journey.