Statement from Clara Reilly following meeting between Finucane family and British prime minister

Statement from Relatives for Justice Chairperson Clara Reilly following today’s meeting between the Finucane family and the British prime minister David Cameron

‘I knew Pat Finucane personally and over many years worked closely with him in supporting families who experienced bereavement and injury during the conflict.

‘Pat was a man of great integrity and believed passionately in the rule of law, protection and promotion of human rights. He stood with families in their darkest hours alongside myself, Monsignor Raymond Murray and other human rights activists. He championed their rights to truth and justice.

‘Today I stand beside the Finucane family in championing their right to truth and justice concerning the murder of Pat. Relatives for Justice stand alongside the Finucane family as should all of those interested in truth, justice and human rights.

‘Today’s meeting between the Finucane family and British prime minister David Cameron exposes the real agenda in that he is keeping a lid on the full extent of collusion and protecting those within the British military and political establishments.

‘The British government gave a commitment to honour the agreement at Weston Park concerning inquiries including an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane. They are in default of that agreement.

‘it is now evident that David Cameron knows the full extent of collusion in the murder of Pat Finucane and is thus continuing the cover-up in protecting those involved.

‘As party to the Weston Park agreement the Irish government must defend the rights of Irish citizens and ensure that the British government adhere to that agreement by establishing a full independent judicial inquiry immediately into the murder of human rights defender Pat Finucane.

‘I am currently in the US and have been expressing my outrage at this latest block by David Cameron. 

‘I will raise this matter with Irish Americans, and all those interested in truth and justice, mobilising support to challenge the British government’s latest move yet again preventing the truth from emerging concerning the murder of a human rights defender.’ ENDS Finucane decision will leave doubts and concerns over case: Cory