Tyrone Inquests

Families demand the right for full access to all documentation relating to collusion killings and SAS shoot-to-kill operations

Speaking through Relatives for Justice immediately after this morning’s
hearing at which it was announced that limited access to MoD and PSNI
evidence would be made available, Christopher Mallon the nephew of
Roseanne Mallon and spokesperson for the families said;

‘Today’s announcement by Tyrone Coroner Roger McLarnon that the PSNI
and the MoD are to now provide access for the Coroner only to view
material previously withheld in relation to 10 killings in County
Tyrone is limited and insufficient.’

‘It is imperative that the families and our legal representatives also
view the PSNI and MoD material. This is vital to ensure that
transparency and accountability are served, that all the families legal
teams are in a position to fully represent our interests during the
inquests. These are hugely controversial killings relating to the
direct actions of the British State. The British State is not an
independent observer here – they are an interested party of whom
numerous questions remain unanswered. The British State cannot dictate
what information may or may not be relevant and who is appropriate to
view that evidence especially when they are responsible for the
killings. The bereaved should not be excluded.’

‘Allowing only the Coroner access fails to meet the requirements of the
families, our legal representatives, and the basic principles as laid
down under international agreements. The refusal to provide open and
transparent due process in accordance with international standards
means that the human rights of the bereaved continue to be violated –
in this context the British Government is using their sovereignty as a
shield to both provide anonymity and impunity to those responsible for
killing our loved ones. This is wrong. We demand our right to full
access, open and accountable procedures pertaining to the killing of
our loved ones.’

‘Today’s announcement is a yet another cynical ploy in a game of
continuous moves by the British to avoid having to account fully for
its actions in taking the lives of our loved ones in four separate

‘We will be meeting our legal teams to discuss our possible options
that will secure transparent and accountable due processes in which the
full truth emerges.’