US Senate Resolution Calls for Full Implementation of Stormont House Agreement

In an unprecedented bi-partisan resolution, 15 members of the United States Senate are calling for the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement. The Resolution can be read here US Resolution on Irish Peace Process and Stormont House Agreement  

Relatives for Justice CEO Mark Thompson warmly welcomed the resolution this evening. “For many years Relatives for Justice and families have been received with support and encouragement in Irish America, particularly from the Ancient Order of Hibernians. This has been of immense importance as families continue to face British government intransigence and bad faith on legacy.

“This resolution now speaks to the political support that families have in the United States and we are encouraged that the entire resolution is framed in international human rights law and the peace process. Victims and resolution of their rights to truth and justice are central to the peace process and international human rights law is the key to unlocking the obstacles families face. The inclusive acknowledgement of all victims, with specific reference to those affected by state and state sponsored violence, is particularly welcome given their experience of marginalisation and isolation.

Senator Robert Menendez one of the authors of the resolution

“That the resolution recognises this on the eve of the 1st anniversary of the British government reneging on their obligations to the Stormont House Agreement, and the week that the European Committee of Ministers call time on British Government continued violation of victims’ rights also calling for the full implementation of Stormont House Agreement investigation mechanisms, means it could not come at a better time for victims. We sincerely thank all of those involved in securing this unprecedented resolution.”