Ballymurphy families vindicated

Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest Key Findings:

  • There was no justification for any of the killings
  • The use of force was disproportionate
  • All of those killed were entirely innocent of wrongdoing
  • The deceased were all unarmed and posed no threat
  • All of those killed were failed by investigations. There were substantial Article 2 Right to Life failures and violations by the state
  • British soldiers hampered the investigations and the inquest through failures to attend, or provide evidence or information in some cases. State evidence in respect to killings could not therefore be tested
  • Cyphers identifying soldiers responsible for shootings were incomplete or lost
  • Father Mullan and Frank Quinn were shot while trying to assist the injured in Springfield Park
  • The submissions by the UVF relied on by the MoD that they were involved in Springfield Park were dismissed
  • Children were shot and injured
  • At the Manse there was a disturbing lack of humanity to dying Joan Connolly
  • Bullets were planted on the body of Daniel Taggert
  • There was triumphalism and abusive behaviour to the injured in the Henry Taggert
  • John Laverty and Joe Corr were shot in the back by the British army while trying to crawl to safety
  • The soldier that shot and killed Eddie Doherty changed his evidence, and gave differing accounts
  • Abject state failures to investigate the killing of a civilian in the case of John McKerr which meant the Coroner could not conclusively say the British army shot him