Exciting New Programme beginning at end of January for families who lost women and girls

Her Story is a new Programme beginning on January 29th at 7pm in the Glen Road office.

Her Story is a project for those who lost women and girls during the conflict.

Our recent conflict caused terrible pain and loss. Families were left with horrific scars as those they loved were ripped from them. While every single loss of life was felt equally by their families everyone had unique experiences.

Over 3,500 people were killed.
334 were female, that is less than 9% of the total deaths.

This project in no way undermines the experience of those who lost their sons, husbands, fathers, brothers. However there is a unique experience that has not been documented specifically about of the loss of women and girls in homes.

This project will look at the particular effects of the loss of women and girls in families.

It will explore the coping mechanisms that were forced on families. It will remember those lost and learn lessons from the journeys that families were forced on and it will draw strength from those who survived and who continue to survive.

The project will be gentle, and focus on building a collective story which combines unique experience, and similarities between experiences. You will be in control of the pace and direction of all of your participation in the group

The project will begin on Tuesday 29th January at 7pm in relatives for Justice Glen Road office. It is expected that it will run for 14 weeks every Tuesday night.

For more information please phone Andrée on 90627171.

This programme is funded by Peace III Programme.