Féile an Phobail Event – The British State policy of collusion in Ireland

10 Downing Street.As part of Féile an Phobail on Tuesday 4th August at 2pm in St Mary’s College Falls Road, Relatives for Justice families will chart the British State’s overall counter-insurgency strategy of collusion in Ireland during the conflict that claimed hundreds of lives.

Through the use of murder gangs, counter-gangs, pseudo gangs, agents, disinformation, and bombings resulting in countless murders the State coordinated a sophisticated policy of collusion that fuelled and sustained the conflict – the stated purpose of which was to defeat republicanism.

In families’ own words we will hear how the deadly pursuit of that stated objective anyone in the way of the State’s dirty war was a target including regular members of their own ‘security forces’, loyalists, unionists, the civilian population generally and especially the nationalist community, and not least republicans and their families.